Racism, related objects


Offertory box in the shape of an African child for charity collecting, Germany

Ceramic; height: 33 cm

These boxes were often used by Christian missions to promote their activities among ”heathen“ peoples far away from home. When inserting a coin, the head starts to nod. In Germany these objects were called ”Nickneger“.

Advertising card for Die patentirte Mohrenseife, around 1900

Printed by H. Willner, Vienna

Chromolithographic print, 13.2 x 10.7 cm

Die patentirte Mohrenseife was advertised this way, on cards and in newspapers, at least since 1895.

The ”Mohr“ played an important role in the marketing of colonial goods such as coffee, cocoa and chocolate.

Advertising card for Wachet‘s Kaffee, around 1905

Printed by Ebes & Teichtner, Leipzig

Chromolithographic print, 12.6 x 8.6 cm

C.W. Tasche, Steinhagen-Westfalen (Germany), Bocudo. Lembranca do Brazil. 1899

’Souvenir from Brazil‘

Lithographic postcard.